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Our Approach

At SSR safety and health always has and always will be our utmost priority. One of our first priorities following the merger was to review and update our Safety and Health Policy. The refreshed policy sets out our commitment to a safety culture that embeds safety and health not only as a Company but personal… Read more »

Case Study: COVID-19

Throughout 2020, the global health crisis posed by COVID-19 has challenged companies, families, communities and governments. The scope and severity of this pandemic has required everyone at SSR to step up and do our part, adapt to very different living and operating scenarios to try and safely navigate the impacts posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. … Read more »

Our Approach

At SSR, ultimate responsibility for our sustainability programs and performance sits with the Board of Directors. The Board is supported in this regard by a dedicated Environment, Safety, Health and Sustainability Committee. The Committee oversees, monitors, and reviews our practice and performance in areas of safety, health, environment, community and stakeholder relationships and environmental management… Read more »

Our Sustainability Vision

At SSR Mining our vision is to deliver sustainable value for all stakeholders through responsible mining. People and the environment are our most important resources, and we are committed to safeguarding them both now and for the future. We recognize the catalyst role our operations can play in local communities and commit to leaving a… Read more »

SASB Content Index

Reference Topic Page number and/or notes Activity Metric (SASB 000) EM-MM-000.B Total number of employees, percentage contractors Page 37 Environment GHG Emissions (SASB 110) EM-MM-110a.1 Gross global Scope 1 emissions, percentage covered under emissions-limiting regulations Page 61-63 EM-MM-110a.2 Discussion of long-term and short-term strategy or plan to manage Scope 1 emissions, emissions reduction targets, and… Read more »

GRI Content Index

  Reference Topic Page number and/or notes Governance General (GRI 102) 102-1 Name of the organization SSR Mining Inc 102-2 Activities, brands, products, and services Page 102-3 Location of headquarters Denver, Colorado 102-4 Location of operations Argentina, Canada, Turkey, United States of America 102-5 Ownership and legal form 2020 Annual Information Form 102-6 Markets served… Read more »

Integrated Mine Closure

Mining operations have a finite life, and their social, economic and environmental impacts—positive and negative—continue long after the mine closes. As a Company, our ambition is to leave a positive and lasting legacy for the local communities around our mines, and to restore and rehabilitate the local environment, leaving behind minimal environmental impact. Planning for… Read more »

Protecting Biodiversity

The size, scale and location of mining operations means they can have a negative impact on local biodiversity. Carefully managing and maintaining the range of biodiversity on and near our sites is vital for the ongoing health of our local environment and community livelihoods.  We seek to minimize our biodiversity impacts through a variety of… Read more »

Hazardous Materials Management

Cyanide  Cyanide is a critical input to the gold mining process. However, if not handled carefully and correctly, cyanide can cause damage to the environment and human health. The use of cyanide at our operations is governed both by the relevant national legal requirements, but also informed by the best industry practices and the International… Read more »