Building our Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Our Approach

Our approach to environmental management is set out in our Environment and Sustainability Policy. The policy outlines our commitment to minimize our impact on the natural environment and to proactively manage those impacts which cannot be minimized. 

We manage our operations in strict compliance with all relevant environmental standards. We take precautionary measures to avoid negative impact to ecosystems wherever possible. When adverse impacts do occur, integrated programs are implemented to aid recovery of the affected area. We integrate environmental considerations into every stage of the mine lifecycle to ensure we are reducing as far as possible the impact of our operations. We strive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance. 

Our management approach to Responsible Environmental Stewardship is overseen by our Vice President, Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability with support from our Group CSR Manager, and dedicated site-level Environment teams at each operation, and project.

One way we monitor our environmental performance is by tracking the number of environmental incidents that occur because of our activities, even when they are minor and contained within the mine site. During 2020, a new classification system for environmental incidents was developed. In 2021 we will roll out the classification system across the expanded Company. No significant environmental incidents were recorded in 2020.

  • Zero incidents¬†

  • Physical Climate Risk Assessment at Marigold, Puna and Seabee

  • 80% water reused or recycled Being responsible environmental stewards is a critical part of our business. By using natural resources and energy efficiently, recycling waste, and working to protect biodiversity, we deliver long-term value to all stakeholders and leave a positive legacy