2020 Performance

The following table below aligns the sustainability performance targets in key categories such as Governance, Safety and Health, Economic Performance, People, Environment and Community relations.

Our 2020 ESG and Sustainability Performance

Focus Areas 2020 Goals Notes
Governance Development of Human Rights and Anti-Corruption training package for onboarding.

Training at sites to support the organization’s commitments to Human Rights.

Training completed for the Corporate team ahead of merger acquisition.Due to the policy revision during integration activities the training was postponed until new policies finalized this training will be conducted in 2021.
Health & Safety Continued implementation of Safety and Health Management System through compliance with Critical Risks Control Procedures (CRCPs).

Achieve zero fatalities and 5% improvement in Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR).

Implementation of the Safety and Heath Management system has been modified to account for the additional asset following merger.

Improvement of TRIFR maintained (on a 12 month rolling average).

Economic Performance Achieving 2020 annual cost and production guidance. Updated full year 2020 outlook was announced on September 16, 2020 following the successful completion of the merger of equal transaction with Alacer Gold Corp. and reflecting the COVID-19 related impacts to operations at Seabee and Puna.

The revised production guidance was achieved.

People Review current gender diversity performance to establish a baseline.

Establish a “think tank” committee to review drivers of diversity and inclusion.

Gender diversity data was collected at each operating site, project and Corporate office to establish an initial baseline.

Establishment of a think tank was postponed due to merger to allow new leadership team to evolve SSR’s values. Diversity and inclusion remains a target for 2021.

Environment Achieve zero significant non-compliance incidents.

Continued implementation of the Environment Management systems by advancing water; waste and energy management plans at all operations sites.

Development of energy management and greenhouse gas emissions plans.

Continued development of closure management plans.

A new classification system for environmental incidents was developed and will be rolled out across the Group.

Implementation of Community Relations Management system has been modified to account for the additional asset following merger.

We continued to develop our climate change strategy by establishing the baseline for Company emissions.

These will be reviewed and updated to include the Çöpler Mine in 2021.

Community Relations Continued implementation of the Community Relations Management systems by updating stakeholder management plans and grievance mechanism at all sites.

Develop better understanding of economic footprint in Argentina through execution of the Puna Development Fund.

Implementation of Community Relations Management System has been modified to account for the additional asset following merger.

Puna continued to progress Social Development Fund by receiving and evaluating proposals in 2020.