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Communicating Effectively

Effective internal communication is key to creating a positive work environment. Throughout 2020, we set out to understand and support our employees navigate the global pandemics and merger of two companies. To do this, we conducted surveys, held regular internal virtual team meetings with employees from our operations, projects and Corporate offices. In addition, we… Read more »

Employee Turnover

To retain employees in a competitive market, we maintain a positive, dynamic work environment, with competitive compensation and benefits. Overall employee turnover for SSR in 2020 was 12% and the Corporate office saw a higher rate of turnover due to restructuring that occurred following the merger with Alacer Gold.

Valuing our Workforce

People are our core strength. More than any other factor, our success depends on their capabilities and commitment. We are focused on attracting and retaining experienced and skilled talent with a culture that puts safety at its core and supports people to reach their potential.  We believe that transparent communication with workers and unions is… Read more »

Training our Talent

Our success as a business is underpinned by the skill, commitment and dedication of our workforce. Our performance in 2020, achieving production guidance despite the challenges wrought by COVID-19, is testament to the resilience, dedication and talent of our team.  Our approach to the development of our people is to strategically and continuously invest in… Read more »

Occupational Health

We recognize that there is more to ensuring worker and community health and well-being than simply working to prevent injuries.  At SSR, we have started to accomplish this through environmental, biological and medical monitoring to start to quantify occupational exposure risk. Assessing these risks will allow for exposure reduction or elimination. “Effective safety leadership and… Read more »


Just as we reviewed our Corporate Safety and Health Policy following the merger with Alacer, we similarly reviewed our safety and health indicators, and selected a range of existing and new leading and lagging metrics to be monitored at each site. This approach allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of our management systems and better… Read more »

Safety and Health Management

 The policy applies to all employees and contractors working across our business. The policy is backed up by robust enterprise and site specific safety management plans and systems which align with the international best practice standards OHSAS18001 and ISO45001.  Key elements of our safety and health management systems include: Risk Management: We regularly assess safety… Read more »

Building a Safe, Healthy and Competent Workforce

Transforming world-class ore deposits into world-class mines requires the talents and dedication of a highly competent and motivated workforce and the creation of a healthy and safe working environment. Our employees are the foundation of our business success, and our ability to simultaneously navigate both through the integration of two companies and a global pandemic… Read more »

Human Rights

At SSR, we have zero tolerance for Human Rights violations wherever we operate. As a mining company, we understand that our operations and activities may impact a broad range of human rights within the Company and in local communities. We recognize our roles and responsibilities in respecting and protecting the human rights of those affected… Read more »

Payments to Government

We are committed to being a good Corporate citizen and developing strong partnerships with the countries we operate in. This is reflected by our commitment to pay the required taxes and royalties, and reporting these payments in a transparent and accountable manner. As part of our Canadian legal requirement under the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures… Read more »