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Tailings and Waste Management

Tailings are a common waste product generated by the mining process. They typically consist of remnant crushed ore which has been mixed with water and reagents which are neutralized before storage. Tailings are our most significant source of process waste and are a critical area of environmental management for the mining industry.  All our tailings… Read more »

Responsible Water Management

Our mines rely on ready access to a steady supply of freshwater to operate. Access to water is also a fundamental human right. With populations growing and climate change impacting the predictability of water supplies, ensuring we use water efficiently is crucial to our social license to operate and a key business consideration.  Our aim… Read more »

Air Emissions

Mining activities have the potential to release different types of airborne pollutants which can impact air quality. These emissions are often regulated by national and local legislation and SSR sites often have to follow specific standards as part of their permits. Our emissions in 2020 were within permitted levels.  2020 is the first year SSR… Read more »

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Performance The energy we use is our most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, and a significant operational cost for our business. By striving to use energy as efficiently as practicably possible we can reduce our emissions and deliver cost savings to the business.  At each site we track our energy data to understand our… Read more »

Adapting to Climate Change

At SSR, we know that climate change and extreme weather are material issues across the mining industry and for broader society. We also recognize the link between our energy use and climate change. We are committed to being part of the global solution to the climate change challenge.  Our approach to climate change and climate… Read more »

Building our Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Our Approach Our approach to environmental management is set out in our Environment and Sustainability Policy. The policy outlines our commitment to minimize our impact on the natural environment and to proactively manage those impacts which cannot be minimized.  We manage our operations in strict compliance with all relevant environmental standards. We take precautionary measures… Read more »

Community Investment

We recognize the important role our operations can play as catalysts for social and economic development in the communities we operate in and beyond. All our operations support a wide range of community development initiatives, which are based on the local socioeconomic environment and community needs.  Our approach to community investment is set out in… Read more »

Developing Strong Community Relations

Maintaining strong relationships with the communities we work in is both a strategic priority and moral imperative for our business.  By developing positive relationships with our communities, we are better able to understand, manage and mitigate impacts of our business on these communities.  Each operation’s Environmental Impact Assessment includes a comprehensive examination of issues and… Read more »

Building our Positive Impact in Communities

Our Approach Community engagement is key to our approach to community relations. We aim to engage local communities as early as possible in the mine life cycle to create the strong foundation needed for the development and operation of a mine. All our exploration projects and operations have context specific local community engagement processes to… Read more »

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We recognize the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Attracting individuals from a broader range of backgrounds helps foster a more innovative and agile organizational culture which enhance our business performance.  We strive to foster an open and inclusive workplace environment and strongly support the principle that all individuals should have an equal opportunity… Read more »