Our Approach

At SSR, ultimate responsibility for our sustainability programs and performance sits with the Board of Directors. The Board is supported in this regard by a dedicated Environment, Safety, Health and Sustainability Committee. The Committee oversees, monitors, and reviews our practice and performance in areas of safety, health, environment, community and stakeholder relationships and environmental management (including areas of water management, and climate change) on behalf of the board. The Committee meets formally at least four times a year, with additional meetings held as required throughout the year. Sustainability is a key responsibility for group executives and senior leadership, and we have a dedicated group-level Vice President of Environment, Safety and Sustainability who provides strategic guidance and oversight to our site-level teams. To reflect our commitment to environment, safety, health and sustainability, 20% of the annual short-term incentive plan is linked to the achievement of our Sustainability targets each year.

Our Board Structure



Independent directors

All Directors are considered independent except for the CEO.

Separate Chair & CEO


All committees independent


Gender split

30% Women / 70% Men

Board diversity policy


Annual director elections


Annual say on pay


Board, committee and director evaluations annually


The SSR Board

Environment, Safety, Health
& Sustainability Committee
Audit Committee Compensation
Corporate Governance &
Nominating Committee
A.E. Michael Anglin  
Thomas Bates Jr.    
Brian R. Booth  
Edward Dowling Jr.    
Simon A. Fish    
Alan P. Krusi    
Beverlee F. Park    
Kay Priestly    
Elizabeth A. Wademen    

Further information about the Board and its committees can be found in the governance section of our website and in our Management
Information Circular.