Our Values and Aspirations

In 2020, we started the journey of bringing two companies together. Due diligence conducted prior to the merger indicated that the values and priorities of Alacer and SSR were already well aligned. Our integration journey in 2020 included evaluating our internal guidelines and updating internal policies that will guide our programs into the future. The values highlighted below will shape our culture and support our strategy and our vision.

Our Purpose: To create value & leave a legacy through responsible and sustainable operations

People & Culture

We value our people and invest in their growth and development. We are tenacious, working with a sense of urgency to achieve exceptional outcomes.

  • We attract, retain, and develop the best talent in the industry 
  • We foster a collaborate working environment that celebrates and supports diversity 
  • We are committed to developing and empowering our people to help drive the needs of the business 
  • We are a results-oriented Company, with a focus on the delivery and execution of business objectives


We care for the environment and communities we operate in and take personal responsibility for creating and maintaining a sustainable business. 

  • We are recognized by our stakeholders as an ethical, reliable, and valued partner 
  • We build relationships and partnership based on respect with our local communities 
  • We are committed to honest and open disclosure and continuous improvement of our sustainability practices as we drive to be the developer of choice

Health, Safety & Risk

 We protect and care for the people, communities, and environments in which we do business. We actively manage risk at all levels of the business.

  • Our workplaces are free of fatality, injury and occupational illness 
  • We measure, report, and mitigate risk management in everything we do
  • Our risk management processes ensure that we measure, report and mitigate risk in everything we do.

Business Excellence

We are a high-performing organization and are always looking for ways to optimize our assets and business opportunities. 

  • We create sustainable value through continuous improvement, reliable asset management, operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • We are accountable to deliver the priorities in a balanced scorecard which allows us to achieve sustainable value added growth and maximize free cash flow 
  • We focus on creating value for our shareholders in everything we do 
  • We have robust Operational Excellence (OE) process and systems to monitor, measure and support continuous improvement in the business


We are committed to innovation at all levels of the business and are industry leaders for project delivery and stepchange solutions. 

  • We are focused on seeking out innovative opportunities to improve our process, procedures, and business 
  • We embrace the challenges and risk that come with innovation 
  • We take personal accountability to drive meaningful change throughout the business 
  • We are tech savvy keeping abreast of the latest developments, and implement new tech in a careful, pragmatic, and measured, value accretive manner


We take a disciplined approach to achieving meaningful and sustainable growth. We employ a robust framework for evaluating, managing and implementing value-creating growth opportunities. 

  • We have first class teams and systems that provides a pipeline of growth opportunities
  • We are focused on our growth strategy and take a pragmatic approach to evaluating exploration targets and development project value realization strategies
  • We execute projects in a disciplined, pragmatic and efficient manner