Our Sustainability Governance Framework

The bedrock of our sustainability governance is our organizational values and policies. We have a suite of sustainability related policies that meet or exceed the requirements of legislation in the countries we work in, but also align with a range of international standards and guidance. One of our first actions following the merger with Alacer was to review and benchmark the policies of each Company to make sure they were aligned with leading industry practice, and appropriate for our expanded Company. Our new policies have received board approval and will be implemented across the group in 2021. 

Our policies are supplemented by a series of subject specific management standards which are also being updated and implemented during 2021. How our policies and management standards are implemented on the ground is set out in site specific management plans which are tailored to the unique operating context and regulations of each site. 

Reporting: By transparently reporting our sustainability performance, acknowledging areas for improvement, and holding ourselves accountable for the results, we build trust with stakeholders. 

Targets: Setting clear targets drives improvement and challenges us too continually better ourselves. It also helps stakeholders to understand and assess our performance on the issues that matter most to them. Metrics and indicators: Enable us to track our performance and manage any issues that arise. 

Systems: High quality effective management ensure the correct processes are followed, enables collaboration, and drives a consistent approach to risk management across the business. 

Plans and procedures: Detail how policies are implemented on the ground and tailored to the unique characteristics of the site or project. 

Policies: Set out our vision for and commitment to sustainability and good governance across all operations


  • Updated our suite of sustainability policies. 
  • All sites maintained strong safety performance 
  • Implemented a new incident reporting procedure 
  • Developed an integrated HSEC Management Framework 
  • Integrated risk management system

Developing an Integrated Management System

 Since the merger we have amalgamated the best practices from across our business to develop an integrated health, safety, environment and community (HSEC) management system (IMS). This newly formed IMS integrates all policies, standards, plans, procedures and processes across the key areas of safety and health, community relations, and the environment into a single complete framework. This helps us to ensure common shared understanding, objectives and minimum standards from our Corporate offices through to each site across our expanded business. Moving forward, as part of the first phase of implementation of the new IMS, in 2021 each site will develop action to address any findings in order to ensure compliance.