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In Closing

2020 was an unprecedented year for SSR, with a historical merger and a global pandemic. These events have not distracted us from our commitments to responsible mining. Instead, 2020 was a defining year for our ESG commitments where we focused on embedding sustainability at the core of SSR Mining. We are also proud of having… Read more »

Case Study: Managing Biodiversity in a Protected Area of Argentina

The Chinchillas Mine which is part of our Puna Operations is approximately 25 kilometers from the Laguna de Los Pozuelos a UNESCO-designated protected biosphere reserve, and international important wetland under the Ramsar Convention. It is home to a wide range of aquatic birds including three species of Flamingo, Corn, Barcino and Pueno ducks and herds… Read more »

Case Study: Leading the Way for Best Practice in Cyanide Management

In 2007, our Marigold Mine in Nevada became the world’s first gold mine to be certified under the International Cyanide Management Code (the Cyanide Code), and the mine continues to maintain its certification. In 2020, our Çöpler Mine in Turkey began working toward Cyanide Code Certification. Progress in 2020, however, was however was slowed due… Read more »

Case Study: Funds for Development

Alongside the direct investments we make, we have dedicated social development funds at our Puna Operations and Çöpler Mine. These funds aim to support sustainable projects in the local communities to help diversify economic activity in the local area and reduce reliance on the mine. Argentina Community Development Fund Puna Operations partnered with the local… Read more »

Case Study: Community Engagement at the Çöpler Gold Mine in Turkey

At the Çöpler Mine, we have a wide-ranging stakeholder engagement program (SEP) which sets out the ways in which we engage with our stakeholders and ensures regular communication with stakeholder groups throughout the year. Some of the elements included in the Çöpler Mine SEP are:  Quarterly results presentations to shareholders, local authorities, and an annual… Read more »

Case Study: Seabee Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day

On June 21st, 2020 operations at the Seabee Gold Operation shutdown early to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day and recognize and honor the heritage, cultures and, valuable contributions to society by First Nations, Inuit, and Metis peoples. Celebrations included a traditional meal (including a fish fry, wild rice, bannock, bison stew and berry desserts) and… Read more »

Case Study: Gender-Focused Training and Education

Our diversity strategies extend to local employment with specific, targeted programs to promote under-represented groups. At Puna Operations, our training program for heavy equipment operators was extremely successful in attracting women to the mining industry. Of the 118 participants from local communities, 32 were women. Many of the women, who may not have driven motorized… Read more »

Case Study: Our Commitment to Our Employees

Our commitment to our employees is embedded in SSR’s key policies, including the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, the Diversity Policy, and the Human Right Policy – where the respect for the rights and dignity of others is an integral part of our commitments to individuals and to promoting a positive work environment. To… Read more »

Case Study: Emergency Preparedness

Making sure we are adequately prepared for emergencies is a key part of our commitment to providing a safe environment both for our people and the communities we work in. While the details of Emergency Plans vary site by site, the fundamentals of our approach are consistent, well trained teams, appropriate equipment, effective communication and… Read more »

Case Study: Wellness at Work

For general health and wellness care, our workers and contractors can access non-occupational health services through the national healthcare system (Canada), Company-supported health insurance coverage (USA), and, Company-sponsored insurance coverage from their respective employer (Argentina and Turkey).  We also run health-related campaigns on site aimed at helping our workforce to improve their overall well-being. Topics… Read more »