Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We recognize the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Attracting individuals from a broader range of backgrounds helps foster a more innovative and agile organizational culture which enhance our business performance. 

We strive to foster an open and inclusive workplace environment and strongly support the principle that all individuals should have an equal opportunity to participate in our Company and achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing and maintaining a work environment built on mutual trust and respect, where diversity and inclusion are valued, and where every member of our workforce feels welcome. In alignment with our Code of Business Conduct And Ethics, the Human Rights Policy and the Diversity Policy, everyone at SSR shall: 

  1. Treat each other and all members of the outside community with respect and courtesy
  2. Maintain our workplace free from all forms of harassment 
  3. Never permit factors like race, religion, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality or ethnicity to determine decisions about hiring, employment promotions, pay rates, transfers, layoffs or terminations (or condone decisions by others determined by such factors) 
  4. Never permit physical disabilities to determine work-related decisions, unless the disability prevents a person from safely doing a job and the disability cannot be reasonably accommodated.

With operations across four countries and exploration in two further, our workforce is comprised of people from a wide range of backgrounds and a broad set of skills, values and experiences. We value this diversity and the organizational strength and innovative thinking it brings to our business. 

Mining is traditionally a male-dominated industry, and to help redress this, a key focus at SSR is to promote and encourage women to join our workforce on the mine, and once employed on the mine to progress into leadership roles.

“We believe in an inclusive and diverse workplace, where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and to achieve their full potential.” – Stewart Beckmann, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

2020 Number of Employees by Age and Gender

1-Jan-21 18-29 30-49 50+
Female Male Total Female Male Total Female Male Total
Corporate 3 3 20 16 36 6 12 18
Çöpler 29 103 132 41 453 494 55 55
Marigold 2 39 41 24 198 222 17 160 177
Mexico 1 1 2 10 12 5 5
Peru 3 4 7 1 1
Seabee 10 33 43 27 197 224 32 125 157
Puna 39 147 186 77 445 522 1 73 74
Total 81 325 406 194 1,323 1,517 57 430 487
Total Employees 2,410

2020 Gender Representation at all Levels of the Company