Our Approach

At SSR safety and health always has and always will be our utmost priority. One of our first priorities following the merger was to review and update our Safety and Health Policy. The refreshed policy sets out our commitment to a safety culture that embeds safety and health not only as a Company but personal value for us and those we work with. The refreshed policy includes commitments to: 

  • Protect the safety and health of employees and our business partners at all stages of the mine life cycle 
  • Provide employees and contractors with a safe working environment free from uncontrolled hazards 
  • Implement effective safety, health and security systems at all operations • Evaluate the safety and health implications of business decisions 
  • Measure and monitor the safety and health performance of our operation against set objectives and targets 
  • Promote initiatives that foster a safety culture 
  • Promote wellness and healthy lifestyles for our employees, local communities and those we work with.