Case Study: Emergency Preparedness

Making sure we are adequately prepared for emergencies is a key part of our commitment to providing a safe environment both for our people and the communities we work in. While the details of Emergency Plans vary site by site, the fundamentals of our approach are consistent, well trained teams, appropriate equipment, effective communication and clear protocols. 

For example, at our Çöpler Mine in Turkey there are three dedicated emergency response personnel complemented by a team of 86 trained workers. A minimum of 20 trained emergency response workers are present on site at any one time. 

Mock drills are carried throughout the year to ensure all workers know what to do in the event of an emergency, and we have a target of a three-minute emergency response time. 

The Mine also has high specialized and sophisticated equipment on site, and reflecting Çöpler’s commitment to the community in 2019, the mine signed a protocol with the Sub-governor of Iliç to assist the district in dealing with emergencies such as traffic incidents.